Greetings !

We continually improve ourselves in making sure we deliver the utmost best in order for you to do your business.

For over 36 years, WIFGAS has served clients in a variety of industries such as petrochemicals, oil refining, gas processing, etc. Providing professional services across the whole project cycle, ranging from professional feasibility studies to electrical & instrument engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and telecommunication. WIFGAS has completed more than 4000 domestic and several Asia Pacific projects.

WIFGAS will continue to propose business plans that meet the needs of our clients, and the clients of our clients. With WIFGAS, we will provide differentiated solutions with the highest technology and management capabilities.

We will consider trust as the top value in all of our business processes. We will use all our capabilities to finish projects on time with perfect quality. At the same time, we will contribute to maximizing the cost efficiency of projects by actively exploring and applying new technologies and new construction methods that can optimize costs and increase productivity.

Using our technical excellence and world-class capabilities, we are committed to becoming a reliable business partner by providing differentiated solutions. I would like to welcoming your company to start and continue our journey toward the top projects that lead us to reach the best.

We are here, supporting your business, for perfection.

Best luck to us, Thank you!